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Poppyday13 started this conversation
I live in Spalding , England. and am 56. I found this site by accident as we don't have anything like this in England, although we need one here too. I have to use a wheelchair sometimes and I am registered disabled but still work full time as a support worker .. I have a son with mental health problems since a car crash and 2 daughters . They have set up their own homes and at the moment we are all ok. I have a broad based background and nothing surprises me any more.
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Teddi, I've been trying to reach you on messenger,haven't got a reply. I know your not feeling well but if you see this message please check your messages and reply first chance you get. Love and hugs your way xo
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You are an amazing woman, thanks for reaching out to so many in need. God bless you and all He has given you.
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littlelacie   in reply to Poppyday13
hi again. no,I had a stroke in 2005,have not worked since Oct.2005. took awhile but got disability.and yes I saw missjanie lives in Lubbock. by the time I got around to trying to talk to her she had stopped coming on here.
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Poppyday13   in reply to littlelacie
Hi Shelley , nice to meet you . miss Janie lives out your way - I think she is in Lubbock-. The man may have been Bert . Sadly , he died of cancer which saddened us all as he was fun and had a good heart. I read your profile , do you still nurse ?
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hi I am littlelacie.I have come on aidpage some for a few months since Elsie was the only one doing it.when you came on a few days ago you looked familiar, but I could not remember where I had seen you.l came on your page and looked and read then i remembered you used to be on here too.and miss Janie.and there was a man but can't remember his name. looks busy today. it has been quiet for awhile guess its picking back up some. My name is Shelley, I live in Texas and have 2 kids.just wanted to say hi! Elsie and I were talking every day, now I have not heard from her for a week. talk to you later.
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Thank you very much, I do currently get Lyrica through patient med assist. I still have bad addiction to pain meds, opiates, I feel like they have a huge hold, and I need help. Cheapest place is the center I'm starting to go to this wed. I sell sea glass and such to get by some, but that doesn't sell all the time, and not always for the price I would like it to. Anyhow, your a wealth of knowledge, and I want to thank you very much.
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Hi how have you been doing
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denise1234   in reply to woman in a shoe
I know but how do you get there
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woman in a shoe   in reply to denise1234
Hi I am a friend of poppyday13 she not been on for about a mo now. But for first mo rent and deposits type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u sure see a list of places to help u. There no cash on this site only information where u mite get help
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Hi I'm looking to move and need the money to move can u help me
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My email is
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woman in a shoe   in reply to missjanie
Poppy not been on sent a week before my surgery she it one one to me telling me good luck with my surgery
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Hey nanny fruitbat, how are you and sweet baby Seth doing? Haven't been on much but wanted to say hi, got Clifton all packed up and moved and he hates it not sure how long he well stay, we'll see. Hope all is going well for you, hope to catch up soon, hugs
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Hi did u get my post

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woman in a shoe   in reply to Monea
Hi poppyday13 not been on for about a week now I am a friend of hers on here
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Hello, I hope your weekend was wonderful. Well so far to date no one has offered assistance. I have contacted everyone on the list that you & Ted have provided. The one's that state they help Veterans, were quick to say no because I've been out of the service for more than 5 years - they can't help. The churches some have said no the other's have not return any of my messages. I have applied for welfare assistance and was denied the following day. They said that my SSD exceeds the maximum amount allowed. It doesn't matter that my mortgage payment is $100 short of what I get every month. That's the most recent info I have. If you have anymore ideas, I would appreciated. I can believe that the welfare department denied me, I saw a lot of people without disabilities getting cash aid, food stamps and medical insurance. I, being a disabled veteran, and having served 9 years cannot get any help from them.. Well again, thank you for your help.
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Mommy of 3 in TN   in reply to Poppyday13
Wow that's a great idea! I will have to try that out lol I could use some house cleaners : )
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Poppyday13   in reply to missjanie
No , I am being my daughters chauffeur so she can work in the car . It suits me as I like driving . She travels about 1200 miles a week , so if I drive she can catch up on emails and with luck have Sunday off as her partners ill
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